At MT Fitness we pride ourselves in helping the people of Cork’s North-side and beyond become healthier, happier and more confident through a professional personal training experience. Between the team we have over 15 years experience in the fitness industry working with over 500 members from all different backgrounds. Whether you want to improve your sports performance, have a life changing transformation or just looking to feel better about yourself. The team at MT Fitness will be here to help you along your journey.



Mark Tynan

I have been working in the fitness industry almost 10 years. With so much experience of ...

I have been working in the fitness industry almost 10 years. With so much experience of managing a leisure centre and working with 100s of people I felt like I could give more and that is why I opened my own facility in 2021. I always pride myself when working with every individual to find the connection between myself the coach and the member. Establish past experiences and how to make the present one with ourselves better. Making every session fun, enjoyable but hard at the same time. I am proud to say the community we have at MT Fitness is an amazing one and i am so grateful for all our members support.
Personal Trainer

Sharon Lynch

I've always had an interest in training and sports spending 6 years doing kickboxing. With a record of 11 fights and 7 wins. ...

I've always had an interest in training and sports spending 6 years doing kickboxing. With a record of 11 fights and 7 wins. This is what led me into training within the gym. Long story short i completed my exams with image fitness and here i am today working with MT Fitness. Fitness has a different meaning for everyone but for me it means doing the best you can. Whether it be 30 minutes on the treadmill or lifting weights, its about being happy about yourself and most importantly getting results. That is what I'm here to do. My mission is to help people achieve their goals and build a strong mind. Working at MT Fitness is been like a social life. I've made friends with all my clients. Of course its amazing seeing the results, just as much for me as the clients. Its a huge family at MT Fitness and there's always smiles and laughter.
Personal Trainer

Sean Healy

Sean comes on board with us as a fully qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor with ...

Sean comes on board with us as a fully qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor with the widely recognised REPS ireland accredited certificate. He spent 3 years in CIT studying recreation and leisure management and qualified with a level 7 degree. Seans has a background in martial arts and loves to compete in muay Thai, boxing and other combat sports related activities. Sean has represented ireland at the European championships and has fought professionally in a variety of different countries. Sean has over 3 and half years experience in 3 different gyms before joining us here and has taught a wide variety of classes ranging from boxercise, spinning, body pump, boot camp, kettlebells and TRX, hiit and more ! Sean is enthusiastic, friendly, approachable and incredibly passionate about health and fitness and would love to help you on your fitness journey whatever your goals may be!
Personal Trainer


The short story about my own journey and to where I am now is that I've always had an interest in health ...

The short story about my own journey and to where I am now is that I've always had an interest in health and fitness but my journey really started when I had my child to get myself back to a healthy place both appearance wise and mentally, I started up training in MT fitness myself and knew when I finished my course this was the place I wanted to work as everyone really cared about everyone's journey and I've never came across more supportive people, I knew then this was the place for me. Ive always known I wanted to help people reach their goals, feel as confident as they can be and help people get back to a place that their happy in their own skin and I now have the opportunity to do just that!

MT Fitness has opened the door to so many opportunities for me since I started training there. The trainers first of all helped me get fit again and put in 110% effort and consistency when focusing on my goals and needs. I put off training for months on end and eventually decided to join MT fitness and it is one of the best decisions I've ever made being honest. I've never felt confidence like I do now and even though I've a long way to go, I know they will be there to support me and motivate me throughout the process. I used to be ashamed of my body, had very little confidence and used to eat all of the wrong foods. Since I joined im building my confidence after every training session, I feel really fit now and they make me want to do more and achieve more which I wouldn't have thought is what I wanted when I joined. They've helped with with my horrific feeding habits and they continously are there for support and guidance throughout the process. The only mistake I've made is that I didn't join earlier. MT fitness has such a great and connected community which is such a nice thing that we can all support each other. All I can say is thank you so much to Mark, Sharon and Sean! You don't know how much you've helped us and we couldn't ask for nicer people to train us.

Fiona Earle

MTFitness has been amazing during Covid. I started with them in January because I didn't feel comfortable in myself. The zoom classes they offer are fab and the support from all trainers has been outstanding. They push you to the max.I have been getting great results in my short time with them and I feel good!

Nicole Long

I’ve been a part of the MT Fitness community since day one and god knows where I’d be without Marks guidance the last number of years. Whether it’s the physical or the mental aspect Mark and the team cover everything with unbelievable attention to detail. MT Fitness is such a welcoming place and I could not recommend them more. Constant good vibes, great craic and even better training. It’s been incredible to watch MT Fitness grow over the last few years and to see how much effort Mark puts in as not only a trainer but as a mentor and a truly great friend is amazing. Without a doubt the best in the business, thank you so so much for everything!

Evan Murray

Becoming a part of the MT fitness community has been a brilliant experience and has had a very positive effect on my mental health. Mark and his team are fantastic and cannot do enough for you with regards to training they are the best around.

Sean Fielding

Working at MT Fitness has allowed me to grow into a versatile coach. I've been able to expand my skill set, develop my coaching persona and explore my best traits. From the moment I stepped through the doors, I felt at home. I've gained lifelong friends, hardworking clients and a whole new family.

Sean FitzpatrickPersonal Trainer

MT Fitness has changed my life in ways I never knew were even possible. I started in the gym at the young age of nearly 44, I had never been in a gym before that and was so nervous that I would not be able for it. I was always made to feel comfortable and encouraged from day one. Now 3 years later I love training, never imagined I would say those words. I am much happier in myself, I am healthier, more confident and more motivated. The feeling I get after a training session is the best feeling ever and really improves my mood which in the current climate is needed more than ever.

Lisa Higgins

Since starting with Mt fitness. The support and motivation you get from the group is amazing. Always there at the end of a phone call or text. Mark has made classes more enjoyable to attend. For me the classes bate me out but I always come back for more. Thanks to ye all . Happy 2nd birthday!

Janice Tynan

Working at MT Fitness has been like a social life, it doesn't feel like work. I've made friends with all my clients and its more like friends working out than 'work'! Of course its amazing seeing all the results, just as much for me as it is the clients! Its like a little family and there's always smiles and banter! Looking forward to being back in my comfort zone again this year.

Sharon LynchPersonal Trainer

I joined online classes with MTFITNESS and it is just what you need in lockdown, a good workout and a lot of laughs. Online sources are flooded with choices but the classes with the Team at MTFITNESS are more personal and all the members communicate over zoom its a community. You will be welcomed with open arms by all the team and their clients.

Kim Byrne